Oct 04

STAB! 333 – A Fabricy Mouth Feel

In this indigestible episode of the STAB! show, wooly host Jesse Jones welcomes a tightly wound ball of a panel of Sean Crandall, Ben Rice & Benton Harshaw to share their three IDEAS, greeting cards for “So You Shit Your Pants as an Adult”, “Congratulations on Not Crying This Week”, & “Sorry You Walked in on Your Dad Masturbating”, craigslist postings for a set of macro fiber towels, a memory of a good time once, & finger painting recreations of the works of the great masters, reviews of things including a Yelp Review of a food truck that only sells crocheted food, a Car & Driver review of Sacramento drivers, & a Game Informer review of Friendship, and rundowns of podcasts recorded in the world of Game of Thrones, a recap of someone’s day presented as an actual play podcast, & from a sleeve of Ritz Crackers.

STAB! 333 - A Fabricy Mouth Feel

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