Oct 14

STAB! 343 – My Nipples Are Muffins

In this moist, delicious episode of the STAB! show, flaky good hose Jesse Jones welcomes a warm, nourishing pan of Mark Burg, Milk Surface & Benton Harshaw to share their three takes on POKEMON, bootlegs versions of Pac Man, Grand Theft Auto, & Minecraft, who would win in fights between a coin purse full of losing raffle tickets with delusions of grandeur vs. a stack of unredeemed mail in rebates with imposter syndrome, a gravy boat full of fire ants vs. a butter bell covered in mosquitos, & a classroom full of middle schoolers vs. Benton’s sense of self worth, dating profiles of internet stock tips, Mello Yello (with a guest appearance by Melony Ford), & a 60 foot tall robotic loaf of bread, and tourism guides for Sorry-Not-Sorrysburgh, Goodwill-sylvania, & Oops All Canibals-ton.

STAB! 343 - My Nipples Are Muffins

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