Oct 18

STAB! 347 – A Gift Card For Online Therapy

In this perfect seasonal gift of an episode of the STAB! show, right off the spindle host Jesse Jones welcomes a convenient and clear headed panel in Aubrey Zevallos, Tavaris Smith, & Jeff Brown to share their three takes on AIWFC, greeting cards for “So, you saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus”, “Sorry to hear your Grandma was recently run over by a reindeer”, & for “Someone who thinks spiking the office party eggnog is a good idea”, craigslist postings for selling everything you WERE giving to the person you ended up breaking up with two days before Christmas, leasing a gingerbread house in Los Angeles, & holiday spirit, wedding vows to whoever wrote all that nasty stuff about the Grinch, the dish of hard candy at your Great Grandma’s, & North Pole Union busters, and business pitches for a sweet shop that will not sell anyone figgy pudding under any circumstances, someone who writes novelty Christmas songs about the joys of coming into the office for the holidays, & snow blowing services in a town populated entirely by snowmen.

STAB! 347 - A Gift Card For Online Therapy

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