Oct 19

STAB! 348 – A STAB! Family Year End Special, 2022

It’s STAB!’s traditional Year End Blowout edition of the STAB! how again, and really, honest to goodness appreciative host Jesse Jones welcomes another room full of STAB! show producers including Jason Whitesel, Ben Rice, Katy Grant, CharRon Resolution, Stephen Ferris, Alex Shewmaker, Andy Sarouhan, Kameron Schmid, Pete Abeyta, Spenser Sellens, Willie Travis, Michelle Petro, Henry Pullin, Daniel Kessenich, Nicole Eichenberg, Artie Valenzuela, Melony Ford, Jesse Rivera, Milk Surface, Cory Barringer & Jaclyn Weiand, to share their two FAHKs, pick-up lines to and from a jar of jam, a couplet, & a stick of deodorant, recipes for a wrestling fan, a memorable night at Burning Man, & a magnificent gleaming purple beacon, reviews of things including a Rate My Professors review of a B-Movies Studies Course, a Travelocity review of fuckin’ even goin’ anywhere, man, & a Rolling Stone review of the playlists on your first iPod, descriptions of new drugs Peachy Keens, Second Bananas & The Rug Doctor, tourism guides for Stretched-too-thinia, Buddy-burgh & TikToktopia, and business pitches for promoting the virtues of strong, upstanding values and respect for your body to the city of Bakersfield, CA, selling strange, questionable new beverages to the general, liquid drinking public, & a series of courses on the ancient art of mimicry to young comedians, ready to take their craft to the next level.

STAB! 348 - A STAB! Family Year End Special, 2022

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