Oct 22

STAB! 351 – ARRrrrguably The Best

In this chocolatey sea shanty of an episode of the STAB! show, Cap’n host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of sweet, crunchy mateys Jack Marie, Sam Hochhalter, & Kim Martel to share their three SFTLNs, bootlegs of 3 Musketeers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, & Nerds, recipes for that one dirtbag neighbor that ruins the whole neighborhood, someone who insists the book is always better than the movie, & an absolute shit show, reviews of things including a Yelp review of a masseuse with one really big hand and one really small hand, an Open Table review of a food truck run by three middle aged divorcees, & a Game Informer review of Dating, and business pitches for the curator of the newly opened Museum of Pleasure in the town of Prude-sylvania, luxury cruise packages in Wyoming, & a laser tag arena for cats.

STAB! 351 - ARRrrrguably The Best

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