Oct 24

STAB! 353 – Incwiminating Secwets

In dis soopuh fun episowd of duh STAB! show, siwwy snuggwe host Jesse Jones welcomes a fluff lovin’ panel of Madie Nishimi, Ruben Escobedo III & Cory Barringer to share their three takes on HGWC, bootlegs of Big Bang Theory, Ghostbusters, & Barney the Dinosaur, closing arguments in defense of gaslighting, locking your keys in your car, & someone who thinks they’re smart but mispronounces every big word they try to use, reviews of things including an Amazon review for Madie’s average day, a Car & Driver review of walking, & a performance review for gravity, tourism guides for Wishful-thinking-ton, Tough-Guy Valley, & Iddle-widdle-cutesy-wootsy-opolis.

STAB! 353 - Incwiminating Secwets

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