Oct 29

STAB! 358 – Rick’s Girlfriend Is Too Young

In this kinda judgy but not wrong episode of the STAB! show, real questionable host Jesse Jones welcomes a fresh faced panel of Seth Rubin, Brett Stults, & Jaclyn Weiand to share their three AWOLs, nine haiku about the most important happenings in the four months we were on break, breakfast cereals themed around Black Market Organs, The American Judicial System, & Illegal Street Racing, wedding vows to the person at the gas station that doesn’t know which side their gas cap is on, the still frozen parts of an otherwise fully cooked TV dinner, & a sticky shopping cart handle, and the synopsis of made-up movies, “Horse Negotiator”, “The Androids in San Francisco”, & “Microsaurs”.

STAB! 358 - Rick’s Girlfriend Is Too Young

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