Oct 30

STAB! 359 – The Tears Of A Muffin Man

In this emotional episode of the STAB! show, weepy host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of companions gone by Benton Harshaw, Stephen Ferris & Eric Barger to share their three takes on FUPOS, greeting cards for “Congratulations! It wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought it’d be!”, “So, you’ve been cheated on… again…”, & A “Thinking of You” card for a Billionaire, recipes for modest regional success, a good road trip companion, & someone who uses a leaf blower before 8am, dating profiles for an otherwise perfect partner with just one glaring flaw, Nebraska, & The Muffin Man, and business pitches for a hang gliding academy in a miniaturized city trapped in a bottle on a Super Villains desk, a frozen yogurt by the ounce shop in Europe, & someone who makes and sells friendship bracelets in a town in the Purge movies.

STAB! 359 - The Tears Of A Muffin Man

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