Oct 31

STAB! 360 – Would Get Five If Gushers

In this chewy episode of the STAB! show, surprisingly juicy host Jesse Jones welcomes a demanding panel of Marco Cabodi, Ben Warheit & Frankie Lord to share their three DBMIBs, nine pieces from the bathroom walls of Wish Headquarters, closing arguments in defense of a gas station egg salad sandwich, receiving the gift of a jigsaw puzzle purchased from a thrift store, & over hearing shit talk about yourself, reviews of things including an Instacart review of a driver in the Mario Kart games, a Yelp review of a hospital vending machine, & an Amazon review of a threesome, and erotic letters to the editors of North American White Tail, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, & ADDitude.

STAB! 360 - Would Get Five If Gushers

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