Nov 17

STAB! 365 – Don’t, But Also Do

In this slightly contradictory episode of the STAB! show, hesitant host Jesse Jones welcomes an indecisive panel of Mikhail Chernyavsky, Michelle Petro & Tyler Kinney to share their THREE takes on DWAI, bootlegs of Fantasy Island, Dukes of Hazard, & ALF, recipes for someone who panics and bails at the first inkling of trouble, a hugger, & the perfect over sensationalized news story, dating profiles for taco farts, tacky, & a dollar store that ISN’T one of the major chain dollar stores, and tourism guides for Ointment-ton, Blanket-Fort-sburgh, & Bloomin’-onion-ton.

STAB! 365 - Don’t, But Also Do

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