Dec 06

STAB! 373 – Bag Is Funny

In this bag episode of the STAB! show, bag and host Jesse Jones welcomes a bag panel of Marco Cabodi, Nick Coleman & Nick Pettigrew to share their three bag takes on NTS, bootlegs of food items like croutons, alphabet soup, & canned ham, celebrations of Sputnik 2, Dolph Lundgren, Clarence Birdseye, Roseanne Barr, “The Wizard of Oz”, & Kevin Murphy, wedding vows to coal rolling, leaving work to discover you’ve got a flat, & not getting a bike for Christmas even though you made it REAL clear that all you wanted this year was a bike, and tourism guides for Radington Heights, Beer-pong-tropolis, & I-wish-you-wouldn’t-ton.

STAB! 373 - Bag Is Funny

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