Dec 25

STAB! 380 – Merry Pissmass, Uncles

In this sterile episode of the STAB! show, someone’s brother and host Jesse Jones welcomes a holly, jolly, drippy panel of Trip Hazard, Sam Hochhalter & Jaclyn Weiand to share their three takes on YULE, greeting cards for “So, you completely whiffed on everyone’s gifts AGAIN this year?”, “Merry Credit Card Debt Season”, & “Condolences, you have to go to THAT relative’s house”, closing arguments in defense of last minute CVS/Walgreens/Rite Aid Christmas gifts, that chocolate chip cookie that turning out to be oatmeal raisin, & telling kids Santa isn’t real, the toyification of a high school reunion, being a “rockstar” at a job you hate, & the last few months of a relationship limping to its conclusion unbeknownst to those in it, and tourism guides for Egg-Nog-sylvania, Popcorn-Tin Town, & Socks-n-Underwear-lahoma.

STAB! 380 - Merry Pissmass, Uncles

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