May 29

STAB! 383 – Let Me Loom

In this lazily hovering episode of the STAB! show, slightly deflated host Jesse Jones welcomes a gassy panel of Kameron Schmid, Milk Surface & Tyler Kinney to share their three CGWs, items on the bathroom walls of Paranoia, campaign speeches for a box of recently expired Trix cereal with a movie promotional tie in vying for a place on the shelves of a Grocery Outlet, a week old helium balloon running for Mayor of that corner of the living room that you kind of just ignore, & an inflatable hemorrhoid pillow running for a position in the pool toy bin, descriptions of new drugs Orange Clap Claps, Cool Spiffys, & Alpaqzuhtin and business pitches for a sensual massage parlor run by a hologram of a wisecracking cartoon squirrel, marketing coal to Gen Z, & a ventriloquist for the bereaved.

STAB! 383 - Let Me Loom

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