Jul 01

STAB! 385 – Know Your Elves

In this mythical episode of the STAB! show, master tinker and host Jesse Jones welcomes a cookie making panel of Mikhail Chernyavski, Dayna Bryant & Christy Farley to share their three ACTEs, bootlegs of Taxi Driver, Flubber, & The Hit Amazon Original: Bosh, recipes for someone who high-fives strangers, a grudge someone might take to their grave, & feeling accomplished, dating profiles for the lizard owned by the weird lizard guy, someone who’s already abandoned their New Year’s Resolutions, & who Christy wanted to be when they grew up, and rundowns and recaps of podcasts about custom hotrods hosted by dinosaurs, a podcast in the world of “The Hunger Games”, & a podcast hosted by Care Bears.

STAB! 385 - Know Your Elves

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