Jul 03

STAB! 386 – A Seductively Timid Geo Metro

In this coquettish, unassuming episode of the STAB! show, erotically wind tunnel tested host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of the carsonas of Frankie Lord, Jeff Brown & Jaclyn Weiand to the Crocker Art Museum’s ArtMix once again to share their three takes on MOCA, recipes for someone who has too much of the wine and cheese at a fancy event, a hoity toity shindig, & that guy who scoffs at all the pieces and says “I could make something like that”, and business pitches for custom string art pieces out of the trunk of your car at Monster Jam events, a life model for nude figure drawing classes who is also a rusted out 1986 Chevy El Camino, & selling clown paintings to fine art collectors.

STAB! 386 - A Seductively Timid Geo Metro

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