Jul 10

STAB! 389 – I’ll Take Your Loads

In this downy soft episode of the STAB! show snuggle bear of a host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of big heaving sacks, Coreen Lemcke, Ben Warheit, & Jack Marie to share their three takes on AAAR, pick-up lines to and from sharing, a short order cook, & a timid penis, campaign speeches from a Safeway rewards card running for Sheriff of a wallet, a hedgehog shaped boot scraper running for Mayor of the porch and front yard, & the laundry room with the most currently running machines declaring itself President for Life of the apartment complex, descriptions of new drugs, Angsty Amys, Blump-rumplins, & Gloxertrilin, and tourism guides for Cop-a-squat-sburgh, Island 1001, & Pervopolis.

STAB! 389 - I’ll Take Your Loads

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