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Jan 08

STAB! 381 – A STAB! Family Year End Special, 2023

It’s our favorite time of the year! STAB! Family Year End Blowout ExSTAB!raganza Special time! And this year host Jesse Jones welcomes a jam packed STAB! Theater full of producers and STAB! show favorites including, Paul Doyle, Buddy, Jeff Brown, Ben Warheit, Jordan Quattlebaum, Daniel Kessenich, Jack Marie, Alex Shewmaker, Milk Surface, Dayna Bryant, Eric …

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Dec 01

STAB! 371 – So Many Sighs

In this exasperated episode of the STAB! show, defeated host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of real troopers, Aubrey Zevallos, Ben Warheit & Jack Marie to share their three takes on FIAP, nine “2am After The Bars Close” break room bulletin board items, celebrations of Harvard University, Snoop Dogg, the Sydney Opera House, Pie Geelen, …

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Nov 03

STAB! 361 – Catsup the Ketchup Clown vs. Ghost Tooth

In this spookily creepy episode of the STAB! show, undead molar and host Jesse Jones welcomes a tangy panel of Cory Barringer, Jack Marie & Molly Doan share their three takes on VKC, nine haiku about the Entertainment Industry strikes, restaurants themed around Strictly Vegan, you know, more or less, a teenager’s idea of fancy, …

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Oct 22

STAB! 351 – ARRrrrguably The Best

In this chocolatey sea shanty of an episode of the STAB! show, Cap’n host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of sweet, crunchy mateys Jack Marie, Sam Hochhalter, & Kim Martel to share their three SFTLNs, bootlegs of 3 Musketeers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, & Nerds, recipes for that one dirtbag neighbor that ruins the whole …

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Oct 18

STAB! 346 – Purple Gary, Rip Off The Knob!

In this aggressively supportive episode of the STAB! show, head bangin’ dribble boy and host Jesse Jones invites a panel of thrash slop fundamentalists, Jack Marie, Daniel Kessenich & Cory Barringer to share their three SWSKBs, pick-up lines to or from the Downtown Ice Rink, the Old Sacramento Theater of Lights, & Free Downtown Holiday …

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