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Dec 15

STAB! 377 – Zing, Bitch!

In this onomatopoetic episode of the STAB! Show, flat, smooth host Jesse Jones welcomes a still, glassy panel of Mikhail Chernyavsky, Parker Newman & Tyler Kinney to share their three takes on NAVSUPMAN, pick-up lines to and from a drawer full of fat clothes, an answering machine, & a really good skipping rock, craigslist postings …

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Nov 17

STAB! 365 – Don’t, But Also Do

In this slightly contradictory episode of the STAB! show, hesitant host Jesse Jones welcomes an indecisive panel of Mikhail Chernyavsky, Michelle Petro & Tyler Kinney to share their THREE takes on DWAI, bootlegs of Fantasy Island, Dukes of Hazard, & ALF, recipes for someone who panics and bails at the first inkling of trouble, a …

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Oct 07

STAB! 336 – Boats In The Graveyard

In this dramatically shifted episode of the STAB! show, human whirlwind and host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of tragedies in Mikhail Chernyavsky & Tyler Kinney to share their two takes on BOLTOP, six items on the Pumpkin Spice HQ break room bulletin board, closing arguments in defense of toilet water ass splash, & someone …

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Jul 21

STAB! 325 – Everybody Loves Bradypus

In this slow moving and super adorable episode of the STAB! show, little smoosh face host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of lethargy bois, Kim Martel, Mikhail Chernyavsky & Jaclyn Weiand to share with the world their three takes on AHA, greeting cards for “So You Thought You Were On Mute”, a super belated birthday, …

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Aug 20

STAB! 137 – We Can Watch R Rated Movies Now

We’ve grown today. We’ve seen something that’s going to stick with us. That’s going to change us. Something that just ice cream isn’t big enough for. Boobies and swearing are what this life event demands. Being our guardian into the theater of life that IS STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV welcomes guests Alfonso Portela, …

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