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Dec 13

STAB! 376 – Throw The Pigskin Around

In this slippery episode of the STAB! show, greased up host Jesse Jones welcomes a dreamy panel of Michelle Petro, Imin J. Love & Cory Barringer to share their three BOPs, nine items on the break room bulletin board of Good Vibes, recipes for a perfect Fall evening, budget friendly revenge, & a rascal, descriptions …

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Dec 08

STAB! 374 – An Akira Type Situation

In this dystopian episode of the STAB! show, supernatural host Jesse Jones welcomes a flesh mound panel of Nicole Eichenberg, Leo Antolin & Sean Crandall to share their three HSTs, pick-up lines to or from the clearance aisle at Michael’s, a guy who always launches snot rockets, & protoplasm, recipes for vacation that’s more trouble …

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Nov 29

STAB! 370 – The STAB! 5 & 10 Year Overblown Tournament Spectacular Finals

In this triumphant episode of the STAB! show, weary, proud host Jesse Jones welcomes an exultant panel of tournament finalists, Eric Barger, Jeff Brown & Molly Doan to share their three IFPUGs, bootleg of Road Rules, 90 Day Fiancé, & Project Runway, recipes for someone who gets unreasonably upset with people doing immature things, a …

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Nov 17

STAB! 365 – Don’t, But Also Do

In this slightly contradictory episode of the STAB! show, hesitant host Jesse Jones welcomes an indecisive panel of Mikhail Chernyavsky, Michelle Petro & Tyler Kinney to share their THREE takes on DWAI, bootlegs of Fantasy Island, Dukes of Hazard, & ALF, recipes for someone who panics and bails at the first inkling of trouble, a …

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Oct 30

STAB! 359 – The Tears Of A Muffin Man

In this emotional episode of the STAB! show, weepy host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of companions gone by Benton Harshaw, Stephen Ferris & Eric Barger to share their three takes on FUPOS, greeting cards for “Congratulations! It wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought it’d be!”, “So, you’ve been cheated on… again…”, & A …

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Oct 25

STAB! 354 – You Do You, Boo

In this self loving episode of the STAB! show, handy host Jesse Jones welcomes a fully charged panel of Frankie Lord, Dayna Bryant & Becky Lynn to share their three COMECONs, bootlegs of NCIS, Sleepless in Seattle, & The Last of Us, recipes for somebody who seems to actually have their shit together, a nice …

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Oct 22

STAB! 351 – ARRrrrguably The Best

In this chocolatey sea shanty of an episode of the STAB! show, Cap’n host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of sweet, crunchy mateys Jack Marie, Sam Hochhalter, & Kim Martel to share their three SFTLNs, bootlegs of 3 Musketeers, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, & Nerds, recipes for that one dirtbag neighbor that ruins the whole …

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Oct 20

STAB! 349 – A Cloaca of Dips

In this tangy, three flavored episode of the STAB! show, utilitarian host Jesse Jones welcomes a chunky, zesty panel of Drew Absher, & Jaclyn Weiand to share their two takes on MCC, bootlegs of Looney Tunes, 90 Day Fiance, & John Wick, recipes for an adult friendship, & the perfect man cave, descriptions of new …

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Oct 19

STAB! 348 – A STAB! Family Year End Special, 2022

It’s STAB!’s traditional Year End Blowout edition of the STAB! how again, and really, honest to goodness appreciative host Jesse Jones welcomes another room full of STAB! show producers including Jason Whitesel, Ben Rice, Katy Grant, CharRon Resolution, Stephen Ferris, Alex Shewmaker, Andy Sarouhan, Kameron Schmid, Pete Abeyta, Spenser Sellens, Willie Travis, Michelle Petro, Henry …

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Oct 06

STAB! 335 – A Multiverse of Toomgis’

In this delicious, convenient episode of the STAB! show, food monster and host Jesse Jones welcomes a salted caramel chocolate chip cookie three pack panel of Willie Travis, Kameron Schmid & Molly Doan to share their various TEAMs, pick-up lines to and from wet socks, Chicago style deep dish pizza, & a mother sauce, recipes …

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