Apr 06

STAB! 022 – Sweeping Up Glass in the Dark

You know that movie, the one with Godzilla, and like ALL the other Godzillas and various villain monsters? The one where all of the giant irradiated monsters fight each other? That’s sort of what this new episode of STAB! is like. And by sort of, I mean almost exactly.

Batten down your ears for this slugfest of comedic titans as Luke Soin, Tyler Kinney, Alfonso Portella & Jesse Jones throw nothing but haymakers around the Sacramento Comedy Spot arena, exploring such topics as Fred Rogers’ 399th trimester abortion, Ebony & Ivory on cassingle, the bowling hall of fame in Reno, singin’ the ol’ duet with Josh Groban, spring roll skin, the judgeination of what is and isn’t people, shouting out to Whiskey & Cigs: a podcast about podcasts who mentioned our podcast, multiple different IUDs, glorious North Korean bounce castles, what you can get for one Chinesey coin, you know, the one with the square in the middle of it, make-up slathered tragedy, LemonAIDS parties, zombie teeth, “Spank: That Pot Pie”, The Cuticle Kid & Jesus bein’ cray!

Who will survive? Can Tokyo ever be rebuilt? Will the wisdom of a single, previously ignored child save us all, or is it all just too late? None of these questions and more are waiting to be answered in this episode of STAB!

STAB! 022 – Sweeping Up Glass in the Dark

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