Sep 23

Radio Tatas loves STAB!

The world of podcasting is a kind, generous, caring world, where the importance of the success of others is always elevated above our own personal ambitions.

That’s why when STAB! was given what we in the industry call “The Tatas Rub” a couple weeks ago (we’re getting caught up, settle down) by the ladies at Radio Tatas: the Austin, Texas based comedy, culture, and current events podcast, our hearts and groins were understandably warmed. They shared with their listeners clips from STAB! 038 – Sports, including Versace’s ghost giving some STAB! regulars a harsh fashion critique, in addition to Luke Soin and Jesse Jones‘ takes on the Reorganization of HTTP. They then sum up the show rather succinctly by saying:

“Imagine if ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me’ were really, really fun.”

A new quote you can expect to see on promotional material very soon.

The STAB! love begins at 34:05, but don’t just jump straight to that like we did. There’s all sorts of fun stuff to be heard from the Tatas Crew. So just click on the Tatas below to hear what they had to say in their own, Tatacular words.


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