Mar 28

STAB! 073 – The Kitten Bridge to Rainbow Town

Come, free yourself from the burden of mortal things, float about as the infinite butterscotch butterfly that you always knew yourself to secretly be! Roll around giggling all day, content and fulfilled for the first time in your narrow existence!

Treat your ears to the sound of STAB!’s own John Ross leading Grant Houlton, Melissa McGillicuddy and Jesse Jones in discussion of Emperor Jovian, Michael Jordan, the end of Prohibition, Geronimo, Robert K. Preston, Wu Chan Han, three different LOVEs, the top 15 Google Searches of Antonin Scalia’s corpse, the dating profiles of a True American Patriot, a guy who really, REALLY likes Jazz, and Antonin Scalia from the afterlife, and vows to such a-holes as the lady that brings her baby to a movie, an angry misogynistic stand-up comedian, and corporate America.

Now, the last, most important decision remaining of you lay at your feet. Do you take the Rainbow Bridge to Kitten Town, or the Kitten Bridge to Rainbow town. There secret is, there’s no wrong answer!

STAB! 073 - The Kitten Bridge to Rainbow Town

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