Oct 03

STAB! 090 – Best of “Write a Poem About It” Volume 1

It’s been said that every episode of STAB! Is a “Best of” episode. By whom? Let’s not get into all who’s and what’s that right now, huh? Let’s just say it’s been said. What’s even more true than that already super true statement though, is that this is the Best of “Write a Poem About It” Volume 1.

In this poetically instructional, angry and erotic episode, STAB!bers, Alfonso Portela, Jordan Gannon, Chris Emery, Ben Rice, Tavi Watkins, Tyler Kinney, Ben Feldman, Danielle Mandella, Joe-Joe Louis, Aviva Siegel, Grant Houlton, Jaclyn Weiand and Jesse Jones spit rhymes about everything from A California Stop to the Letter Z and everything in between.

So go on, pull on your favorite turtleneck sweater, sip on some deep, dark coffee and rail against the establishment with STAB!

STAB! 090 - Best of “Write a Poem About It” Volume 1

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