Oct 17

STAB! 092 – Best of “This Was Today Once” Volume 1

Days: they happen almost every day. And for every day that happens, something noteworthy often happens at some point during that day. These were some of those days, as celebrated in STAB!’s “This Was Today Once” segment.

STAB! host John Ross welcomes day celebrating STAB!bers Edgar Granados, Tyler Kinney, Joe-Joe Louis, TaVi Watkins, Evan Nyarady, Bill Wallis, Jaclyn Weiand, Josh Kinkade, Rhoda Ramone, Jon Gamora and Jesse Jones to share their celebrations of everything from Gonzo Birthdays and Microsoft learning tools to screamo lyrics and political love stories and everything else that can happen on days, not unlike today.

So sit back, reflect on the day and listen to these people reflect on other days. Then some day, maybe you’ll think about this day and how you listened to this then… Maybe.

STAB! 092 – Best of “This Was Today Once” Volume 1

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