Nov 13

STAB! 106 – References Too Far

In a show like STAB! you can’t expect everyone to get every reference. I mean, you CAN expect them to, but you shouldn’t, because they won’t. Not all of them. Not all of the time. Was this rant a reference to someone? Maybe. But probably not. But if it was, would you have gotten it? I dunno. Moving on…

In this deeply referential episode of STAB!, host John Ross asks oft referenced guests Alonso Portella, Danielle Mandella and Jesse Jones about such things as Guitar Hero 3, the Pope’s absolution of the Jews in Christ’s crucifixion, fingerprinting, Elvis’ polio vaccination, the Nobel Prize for DDT, Justin Guarini, “Trick or Treat” song verses from a drunk six year old, a horny 15 year old, and an insecure underachiever, three different BOOs, tourism guides for ​Exorcist-oria, ​Body-Snatcherton & ​Howl-topia, and erotic poems about a​ ​Funkin​, a​ ​single​ ​Candy​ ​Corn & a​ ​Floppy​ ​bat​ ​on​ ​an​ ​elastic​ ​string​ ​decoration.

So go on, enjoy this show. If you don’t get some things, that’s okay. If you do get the things that everyone else didn’t, maybe let the people who wrote them know, it’ll make them feel better about themselves and their weird, obscure knowledges.

STAB! 106 - References Too Far

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