Apr 02

STAB! 126 – Tales of Prostitution

It’s the world’s oldest profession. And since there’s been prostitution, there’s been stories of the nights spent partaking in the wares of these skilled professionals. This is one of those stories.

On this around the world episode of STAB!, host John Ross tugs information out of guests Parker Newman, Benton Harshaw and Jesse Jones about three new takes on JEWS, fifteen Google searches of Stephen Hawking’s voice synthesizer, thoughts on King Louis VII and Queen Eleanor, the Great Dayton Flood, the first Earth Day Proclamation, teaching Evolution in Tennessee, the 1980 Summer Olympics boycot, Pocahontas, the tourism guides for Prostitution-ton, Nipple-opolis, & Varicose-a-vein-ian, and erotic poems about Soft Pretzels, Flubber, and pool noodles.

So, now you’ve heard it, and having done so, you will never be able to unheard it. Do YOU have a story involving your experience with a lady of the evening. Find us on Twitter and share it with us, we’d clearly love to hear every detail.

STAB! 126 - Tales of Prostitution

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