Mar 07

STAB! 166 – That Guy’s Written Other Poems

What’s that? A beret? You ever drank any water wasn’t sparklin’? You’s a whisper thin sum’bitch aincha? Bet you got a shoe box fulla momentos ‘n trinkets what remind you a times gone past. Sure ya do.

In this touchy feely episode of STAB!, host John Morris Ross IV invites guests Ruby Setnik, Benton Harshaw, Seth Draven and Jesse Jones to share their four different takes on DIVORCE, twelve Google searches from a heart broken Cupid, their thoughts on National No One Eats Alone Day, morality police, Rutherford B. Hayes, Nat King Cole, Sabena Flight 548, Cops, National Caregivers Day, British horse meat, romantic poems about a dirty pet store, Benton Harshaw, the things under Seth’s bed, & the welfare system, and the tourism guides for Ruby’s High School, Hidden Valley Ranch, Ballveinia, & Disneyland in the year 2097.

Man, I’m sorry I gave you guff before. Man, that was beautiful. I wish I could express my pretty and tender feelings, but it weren’t encouraged in my house, so I lash out at those whut can. Forgive me!

STAB! 166 - That Guy’s Written Other Poems

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