Feb 03

STAB! 210 – Turn Up For Farts

Turn up for this latest turnip packed episode of STAB! as John Morris Ross IV invites guests Michelle Petro, Evan T. Lilley, Jeff Brown and Jesse Jones to share their four different S#!Ts, twelve slumlord Google searches, their thoughts on royal pelvises, VCRs, Australian Cricket, the Virgin Islands, Elizabeth Taylor, Ronald Reagan, Iran Contra, Sarah Furgeson, the Everglades Club, photographs, the synopses of made-up movies, “Hose Milk”, “Banana Blush”, “Glitter Blade”, & “Sweet Hammer Cakes”, and battle rap verses against a nice woman, art, the color brown & handyman plumbers. Enjoy the farts, idiots!

STAB! 210 - Turn Up For Farts

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