Aug 17

STAB! 228 – Tried To Avenge But Only Farted

In this heroic, straining episode of the STAB! Show, host Jesse Jones invites panelists Ben Rice, Jaclyn Weiand and Nick Brunner to share with the entire effin’ world, their three different LOPSODs, nine scribbles from the bathroom walls of Avengers Tower, rundowns of fights featuring A Lager vs. A Stout vs. A Glass of Fetid Pond Water, A Burlap Sack Full of Cinder Blocks vs. A Twelve Year Old Girl With Gum In Her Hair, & Mapquest vs. Classmates.com, angry poems about robots that DON’T have laser eyes, fresh baked bread and a nice minty tea, & that gross thing over here, and the tourism guides for The Far Away Islands of Potty Humor, Ma’amsylvania, & Tractor-Pull-opolis.

STAB! 228 - Tried To Avenge But Only Farted

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