Dec 23

STAB! 244 – Hititch, Quidditch and Forgetitch

In this high flying and goodbyeing episode of STAB!, host and headmaster Jesse Jones welcomes a wand wielding panel of Andrew Orolfo, Jason Whitesel & Ngaio Bealum to share with us their three takes on GSOH, their nine pieces from the bathroom walls of Hogwarts, the winners of fights between a Baskin Robbins shift manager with a surprise $20 found in a thrift store coat vs. a Sea Turtle with a Jetpack and nothing left to lose, a fully charged Dave & Buster’s Power Card vs. Seasonal Affective Disorder, & Passive Aggression vs. General Apathy, the dating profiles of Grocery Outlet, the facebook “Cares” react, & a windbreaker, and the summaries of new TV series “First Class Haters”, “Filth Canyon”, & “Dr. Galaxy & The Fox Challengers”.

STAB! 244 - Hititch, Quidditch and Forgetitch

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