Jan 25

STAB! 278 – We Love Our Captain

You will want nothing more than to listen to this episode of the STAB! show, but Captain and host Jesse Jones must not! So instead the faithful panel of Nick Pettigrew, Ryan King & Jack Brown will instead regail him with their three different RTEKs (or AYTMTBs), nine items found on the bulletin board of the Men’s Rights Activism Headquarters break room, craigslist postings for a regular full sized car detailed to look like a Micro Machine, flipping FOR SURE priceless yard sale finds, & to let someone live rent free in Jack’s head, patriotic poems about tribulations & trials, frequent flier miles, & Simone Biles, and tourism guides for Dying-On-The-Insideburgh, Gen-Z-topia, & Step-Dad-sylvania.

STAB! 278 - We Love Our Captain

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