Jun 01

STAB! 287 – Problems For Another Day

In this put off edition of the STAB! show, mecha-procrastinator and host Jesse Jones, welcomes super on top of it gents, Ben Rice, Benton Harshaw & Daniel Humbarger to share with YOU their three different FEARs, their bootleg knockoffs of Spider-Man, Lucky Charms, & Seinfeld, recipes for that overachiever who threw off the curve for everyone, a most memorable solstice celebration, & a panic attack, wedding vows to someone who pees in a public pool, that person who messages you while you’re on your way to meet them that they can’t do the thing that you’re on your way right now to do, & 90 degrees in October, and small business pitches for custom van airbrushing but all of the figures in the scenes are yourself, a photorealistic novelty cake maker, & selling knuckle sandwiches to glutton free nerds.

STAB! 287 - Problems For Another Day

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