Oct 03

STAB! 312 – A Little Pull Tab Friend

In this stalwart, dependable and crinkly episode of the STAB! show, easily foldable host Jesse Jones welcomes three scraps of a panel in Stephen Ferris, Jess Deprez & Melony Ford to share their three different ADs, nine break room bulletin board items for Peace and Calm, campaign speeches from a broken bumper pool table campaigning for a spot in a storage unit, a set of cheap Chinatown samurai swords running for Mayor of a 20-something’s apartment, & panic vying for a seat in a middle age subconscious, wedding vows to mail-in rebates, a sunburn, & rush hour traffic, and rundowns of new TV series “Forbidden House”, “Ghost Agents”, & “Alien Killer”.

STAB! 312 – A Little Pull Tab Friend

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