Jul 10

STAB! 323 – What Would A Baby Even Do In Tulum?

In this grotesquely lavish episode of the STAB! show, posh, dusty nosed host Jesse Jones welcomes a reckless high society panel of Willie Travis, Jillian Marie, & Christiana to share their AFRNs, greeting cards for someone eating someone else’s clearly labeled food in the break room fridge, so your car just got towed, & someone purposefully misgendering someone, campaign trail speeches from Staratego running for another term in the rainy day games cubby in an Elementary school classroom, a hand full of crystals running for a position in the medicine cabinet, & a bag of Taco Bell running for President of an office potluck table, toyifications of moving back in with your parents, Jillian’s 20s, & a Sacramento Summer, and business pitches for a post apocalyptic swimming pool service, a tip line where paranoid shut ins can call to report literally anything, & the Dean of a Wizarding Safety School.

STAB! 323 - What Would A Baby Even Do In Tulum?

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