Oct 25

STAB! 354 – You Do You, Boo

In this self loving episode of the STAB! show, handy host Jesse Jones welcomes a fully charged panel of Frankie Lord, Dayna Bryant & Becky Lynn to share their three COMECONs, bootlegs of NCIS, Sleepless in Seattle, & The Last of Us, recipes for somebody who seems to actually have their shit together, a nice night in, & the dream “I Quit” scenario, the descriptions of new drugs Gooey Nack Nabbers, Gryxdlorbyn, & January 2, and business pitches for selling despair to optimists, a food truck that “Whites Up” ethnic food & a kiosk that sells memes in a mall in the town of Grandmasburgh.

STAB! 354 - You Do You, Boo

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