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Dec 18

STAB! 378 – Feels Not Good

In this not great feeling episode of the STAB! show, kinda blah host Jesse Jones welcomes an “eh” panel of Chris Emery, Emma Haney & Kim Martel to share their three FNGs, greeting cards for “Congratulations, It’s Negative”, “Whoops, you were too good at your job. Now you get more work” & “We’re pretty sure …

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Mar 03

STAB! 017 – Lotrimin

Wishes are real, but you only get the one and you just used it on this episode of STAB! so I’m sorry/you’re welcome! In this be-wished edition of STAB!, Ngaio Bellum, Jon Gomora, Luke Soin and Jesse Jones discuss: 1-way streets, Ulysses S. Grant, Ts Madison, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull references, Soap Opera twists …

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