Apr 14

Whiskey & Cigarettes & STAB!

You like podcasts, I assume. If you like STAB!, then guess what buck-o — You like at least one podcast! Deal with it!

But did you know that there’s more than just one podcast out there? I know, crazy. In fact, there are lots and lots of them (bordering on lots and lots and lots). But how do you find which podcast is right for you without trudging through hundreds upon thousands of hours of unlistenable dreck? Well that’s where the podcast podcasts come in.

A podcast podcast, or podcast about podcasts is necessary in our fast paced, so many people talking into microphones world. The fine gentle folks at Whiskey & Cigarettes are just such a sort.

These fun and funny folk not only interview interesting people worth knowing more about, but they also share clips of some of their favorite podcasts with each other and the listening world at large.

And what does this podcast about podcasts have to do with STAB!, your favorite podcast among podcasts? Well, we just so happened to be included, clip like, in an episode a while back. Episode “#102 – Reformed Whores” to be exact.

Take a listen to hear something from us that you’ve already heard before, and stick around for the fun interview and other clips. Be sure to check in with our “friends” Whiskey & Cigs (friends only used in quotes because it seems presumptuous to call these fine folk our friends without ever having shared even a single gallon or whiskey or three or four cartons of cigarettes with them, and only then can you truly call someone a friend) regularly for all of the throat harshening goodness that a regular diet of Whiskey & Cigs can provide. Also funny hours of listening fun, but mostly scratchy esophaguses.

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