Dec 22

STAB! 007 – Drunk Ladies are the Best Ladies!

When’s the last time you did the Tango? Never?!? Really?!? Well, forget about dancing cousin, because this episode of STAB! which is hosted by the savory John Ross, is better than any piece of dog-shit you could ever step in. mmmm.

Use your prettiest sense to hear the glory that STAB! is! Players, Jason Anderson, Mike Cella, Johnny Taylor and Jesse Jones fill the roster and deliver a gag-a-second as they trudge through the ooze of fantasy, literalism and trans-siberian-atheism. They also discuss the following topics: Lucy Ball, The Black Panthers, Hard working12-year olds, Gretzky, the obtuse, ass-spank, dead dads, Lumber, UTIs, anger, Leo Di Caprio, legs and some sweet female drunkard that tried to sleep with John Ross at the end of the show. Now I’m sad.

STAB! 007 – Drunk Ladies are the Best Ladies!

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