May 12

STAB! 027 – Chatelain

Let the lute music fill the halls as John Ross does treat us to the merry makers of the STAB! program. Enjoy the jocularity as Grant Houlton, Jaclyn Weiand and Jesse Jones speak on topics ranging far and wide, including World Art Day, Dudu Cearense, ball slosh, the be-bombed Boston Marathon, Emma Watson, tax day, Madame de Pompadour, Louis XV, a trio of SXSWs, the Google search history of guns, the towns of Adult-Baby-ville, Jaclyn’s island of Fuckin’ Cool Stuff and the tumultuous region of The New Republic of Organic Kale, a foray into the erotic poetic celebration of Grant Houlton’s tasty soon to be 19 year old body and the cinematic adventures of Ten Gallon Tom, Part Two: The Movie, and Black Kangaroo, JACK!

STAB! 027 - Chatelain

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