May 18

STAB! 028 – Hazelnut Nuts is What’s Up

In this episode of STAB!, Jesse Jones listens intently while guest hosting Alfonso Portella, Evan Nyarady and Ben Rice, who explain the finer points of Annie Oakley, unacceptable conduct in a Buffalo Wild Wings, hunting cloned puppies, the fun of learning, the gods interseeding in the affairs of Northwestern Washington Math Rock, Kelly Clarkson being born, Ben Rice singing again, C3POs, visual aides for an audio format, Alfonso breaking and entering for the cause, more Kelly Clarkson themed content, Obama’s destruction of America’s proper grammar usage, a spinach monster action thriller, the unbridled insanity that IS 2010’s “My Own Love Song”, sweet love making to jars of Nutella, how sexy errthing is errday, and love as deep as racial bias.

STAB! 028 - Hazelnut Nuts is What's Up

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