Jul 13

STAB! 034 – I Really Don’t Wanna Do This

We can’t always get what we want. Somebody said that. Before me I mean. Someone else. But it’s true either way. ‘Cause really, life is just a series of events that we’re participating in, mostly against our will. Except STAB! STAB! is everyone’s first favorite.

In this highly wanted episode of STAB!, host John Ross gets Joe Joe Louis, Kim Martel and Jesse Jones to discuss unfair standardized tests, Berry Manilows, Abington School District vs. Schempp, Desertification and Drought Combat, Orenthal James Simpson, the Statue of Liberty, a trio of NAACPs, Rachel Dolezal’s Google searches, stripper lap dance defying haiku and the films “The Gymnastics of Birth”, “The Tonsil Cowboy” & “The Eagerness of Dads”.

Another guy said that he wanted it all and that he wanted it now. That’s sort of related. He wanted it and he got it. That’s a better attitude I say. Goodnight then.

STAB! 034 – I Really Don’t Wanna Do This

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