Jul 09

STAB! 033 – Scaring Everybody With Laughter

Dr. John Ross DDS assists nurses Bill Wallis, Jaclyn Weiand, Jesse Jones in administering 20cc’s of Sir Frances Drake’s real letter to his son, real person Harry Patch, pure uncut Guatemalan dads, the confusion of direct same day reincarnation, LMNOPs, lower teen alcohol rate haiku, a trio of angry poems about things that sort of rhyme with the guests names, and invitations to the Vatican Cathouse: brought to you by Red Bull Classic, Jaclyn’s low cost adoptions and Gary Davidson’s Tire Care Center and Discount Dojoarium. Side effects of STAB! may include but not be limited to chortle cramps, guffaw fractures, titter leakage and enlarged ha-state!

STAB! 033 - Scaring Everybody With Laughter

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