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Oct 09

STAB! 338 – Eat It McKinley

In this politically charged episode of the STAB! Show, rabble rousing host host Jesse Jones welcomes a panel of firebrands in Dayna Bryant, Brett Stults & Dylan Thomas Fox to share their three SVVPs, pick-up lines to or from courtroom sketches, a bowl of leftover Halloween candy, & the Ten Commandments, how they’ve been celebrating …

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Jul 09

STAB! 033 – Scaring Everybody With Laughter

Dr. John Ross DDS assists nurses Bill Wallis, Jaclyn Weiand, Jesse Jones in administering 20cc’s of Sir Frances Drake’s real letter to his son, real person Harry Patch, pure uncut Guatemalan dads, the confusion of direct same day reincarnation, LMNOPs, lower teen alcohol rate haiku, a trio of angry poems about things that sort of …

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Feb 04

STAB! 011 – Rain Soaked Hobo Pile

This heapin’ bowl full of STAB! is chock full of Danielle Mandella, Joe-Joe Louis and Jesse Jones, with two scoops of host John Ross in every box! and features such tasty morsels as spot on Ronald Regan and Chris Columbus impressions, the total eradication of November 19th, MASK: the toy, not the movie, BDSM, a …

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