Jun 30

STAB! 032 – Hi Bob

In this episode John Ross guides Josh Kinkade, Corinne Nelson and Jesse Jones through discussion of early 90s edutainment software, tromboning baseballist Eddie Edwards and Johnny Carson’s retirement, Pac Manifestos, the many varied ODBs, the Jewtang Clan, Gurls gettin’ it, loud video interruptions, tiny baby Jesus’ imagined top 5 Google searches, a trio of trios of Flava Flav haiku, the lost flavors of Josh’s Sno Cone Hut, Wilma’s Warehouse of Wonder dollarish store and the Thomas Kinkade Gallery, Soup Kitchen, Orphanarium & Crematorium. Now, back to whatever it was you were doing before STAB! so rudely interrupted. STAB!’ll just be over here if you need them.

STAB! 032 - Hi Bob

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