Jul 27

STAB! 036 – Wihwy?

Nothing is not unpossible, if you really don’t not put your mind to it. In this episode of STAB! our focus vessel John Ross guides comedy think makers Jon Gamora, Alfonso Portella and Jesse Jones through the investigationing of such things as Lutheran Martyrs, Pamela Anderson, Lexell’s Comet, Missy Elliot, the PG-13 rating, Princess Diana, other PG-13s, feminist peep shows, tongueless speech therapy, pro-drug rallies, Ebola teens, Cruella Deville, Vlad the Impaler and anti-gay marriage pastors. Now go, be the do that you would wish wasn’t not already a did! Your own reward is maybe not not far.

STAB! 036 - Wihwy?

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