Aug 05

STAB! 037 – May I Interdict Here?

Election season is always upon us, if not now, then soon, and if not then, some other time. Whether it be national office or local seats, the importance of practicing your civil duty can not be taken lightly. Do it for yourself, do it for your children. Just do it.

Moderator John Ross leads this rousing edition of STAB! featuring Jordan Gannon, Jason Long and Jesse Jones in the important topics of the day, such as the Japanese Communist Party, Bert Convy, Elk Grove Mayoral candidates, Forest Whitaker, the United Red Army, The Crying Game, Julia Lennon, Jesse Ventura, the Jungle of Jheri Curl, Sidewalk City, regular ol’ people, nuclear holocaust Google searches, slam poetry about adult baby parties, bitches & shit and Greece’s financial problems, and finally vows to asshole MMA aspiring 45 year olds, racist meter maids & the concept of capitalism.

Vote with your heart, vote with your head, vote based not on the subjects that matter, but on the likability of those you’re voting for. Or, you know what, it’d be better if you just didn’t vote at all actually. Thanks.

STAB! 037 – May I Interdict Here?

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