Aug 15

STAB! 038 – Sports!

High Fives! Engine Terms! Explosion– NO! Not explosions… Uhm. Race Cars! Beer! What else… what else… Guns! I don’t know, Wrestling?!

In this hella manly episode of STAB!, John Ross prods– no. John Ross facilitates discussion with Luke Soin, Ben Rice and Jesse Jones on such topics as Luke’s second book of musician mysteries, Gene Hamburger, English singer songwriter Twinkle, Gianni Versace’s ghost tweet insults of the STAB! family of players, various HTTPs, Satoru Iwata death Haiku, movies: The Chewy Slap Back Gang, Channel the Sceptre & The Bill Jackson Jamboree, and sales pitches for itsnevergoingtobemorethanahobby.com, Ben Rice’s Topical Twists and Bill Jackson’s Unsupervised Daughter Abductiporium.

So, yeah, we’re cool. How about that game huh? Could you believe that call? No, me neither… I probably shouldn’t say that I liked any of that should I– Boobs and Monster Trucks!

STAB! 038 – Sports!

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