Sep 08

STAB! 042 – Whoopsie Doodle

John Ross hosted some mooks named Jaclyn Weiand, Zach Coles & Jesse Jones and they talked at people about World Humanitarian Day, Venus’ First Temple, the Samlesbury Witches, John Stamos, canoest Ivar Iversen, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a trio of NASCARs, the Google searches of the Fat Jew, angry poems about the unfortunate timely death of Bernie Sanders, proposals & Jalapeno Corndogs and invitations to sketchy businesses such as a Namibian birth control store, a Panda Express in a town of Orange Chicken People and a chessboard hitman. Sounds good right? Of COURSE it does. So don’t screw around, listen to the thing…

STAB! 042 – Whoopsie Doodle

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