Sep 08

STAB! 042 – Whoopsie Doodle

Hey you. You like comedy shows? Good, good fa you. This here STAB! show’s one a’dose. It’s worth ya time. You find STAB! ain’t your cup a sauce– Oopsie Daisy, not our problem, no refunds.

John Ross hosted some mooks named Jaclyn Weiand, Zach Coles & Jesse Jones and they talked at people about World Humanitarian Day, Venus’ First Temple, the Samlesbury Witches, John Stamos, canoest Ivar Iversen, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, a trio of NASCARs, the Google searches of the Fat Jew, angry poems about the unfortunate timely death of Bernie Sanders, proposals & Jalapeno Corndogs and invitations to sketchy businesses such as a Namibian birth control store, a Panda Express in a town of Orange Chicken People and a chessboard hitman.

Sounds good right? Of COURSE it does. So don’t screw around, listen to the thing… Are you listenin’ to it? Listen to it. Wadda you doin’? Just listen already. You miss out on this show: too bad, so sad, how’s ya mutha?

STAB! 042 – Whoopsie Doodle

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