Aug 31

STAB! 041 – Mr. Whisker Face

Love hurts. It’s just a sad fact. Whether it’s unrequited, forbidden or lost, it just really hurts. So why do we continue to love? That’s the real question isn’t it? Yeah it is… Yeah it is.

In this beloved episode of STAB!, lover of many: John Ross, lovingly hosts the lovely Danielle Mandella, STAB! Champion Alfonso Portela and unlovable Jesse Jones as they discuss such topics as National Aviation Day, Fat Joe, Hoodie Allen, Bill Clinton’s surprising birth, the Battle of Blue Licks, Coco Chanel, three different TWAs, teen/pre-teen Oxycontin Haiku, erotic poems about the letter Z, tonsillitis & Pop Culture! and vows to assholes such as the entire group of GOP presidential candidates, fracking, and that cat that bites too hard when you’re just fuckin’ playing around!

If you never love you will never be hurt, but in the end, isn’t it worth the risk of that pain for the reward of that love. That’s another real question isn’t it? Yeah, it is. STAB!’s SUPER deep guys. Don’cha just love it?

STAB! 041 – Mr. Whisker Face

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