Sep 29

STAB! 045 – Cute Enough in the Face

Hey there, fairly pretty. How ‘bout you walk by a little slower? You’ve got the kind of looks people just sort of settle for. Why don’t you move on over here and stand in all your adequateness for me?

In this presentable episode of STAB! the perfectly charming John Ross prods guests Johnny Taylor, Jaime Fernandez and Jesse Jones through topics such as the introduction of “Wacky Backwards”, Thailand air tragedy, Richard Marx, the Mayflower Pilgrims, Patsy Swayze, International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer, Fan Bingbing, the Top Five (fifteen) Google searches of White Privilege, three different YWCAs, the synopsees of made up movies: “The 33 Funktown Chronicles Diary”, “Paleo Pedicure Prejudice” & “Blessed Be the Barnyard”, and the business descriptions for a no arm, no leg yoga studio, a grandmas only bikini shop and a Tex-ahoma-tuckey Spanish School.

Alright then, that was fun, huh? Let’s not really make a big deal out of it, maybe we’ll bump into each other again and maybe not, either way, it’s either way.

STAB! 045 – Cute Enough in the Face

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